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Can’t come to us? Let us come to you!
We recognize that due to demands on curriculum, time, and finances, it is getting harder and harder for some teachers to take their students on field trips. While there is no replacement for in-person encounters with original works of art, ArtReach can bring a bit of the museum into your classroom and provide your students with a hands-on studio art experience, even if you can’t make it to Tacoma Art Museum.


girl painting



weaving with Grandma

making a necklace


How it works
Whether as a stand-alone program or as a pre- or post-museum visit, one of our Tacoma Art Museum educators will enliven your classroom with images from the museum's collection and current exhibitions, touchable objects, studio art projects, and other items to enhance learning and promote creativity and critical thinking, while meeting Washington arts and other subject area standards.
These open-ended, flexible, and highly interactive programs are designed for a single classroom setting of up to 35 students. They are not intended for auditorium-style delivery; however, if you are looking for a schoolwide program, please contact us to discuss possibilities. Discounts are available for schoolwide or consecutive multiple-class programs.

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ArtReach provides a 40 to 60 minute (depending on your class structure and needs) art discussion and hands-on workshop in your classroom, Monday through Friday, at a time that works for your class schedule.

The classroom teacher is required to be present throughout the lesson. We welcome additional chaperones.

Register at least three weeks in advance to best secure your desired date and time.

Cancellations must be made and payment is required at least two weeks in advance of your scheduled program. Partial refunds will be provided with less than two weeks notice of cancellation; we are unable to provide refunds if we do not receive notice within 24 hours of your program.


A one-hour stand-alone classroom visit: $150 flat rate for up to 35 students, $100 scholarship rate. School tours to the museum scheduled subsequent to your stand-alone program will be eligible for a discounted rate.

A one-hour classroom-based pre- OR post-visit as an add-on to your school tour at the museum: $75 flat rate for up to 35 students, $60 scholarship rate.

Please note the specific number of students in your class so that we may be prepared with the correct amount of supplies.

Additional fees may apply for educator travel of more than 20 minutes from Tacoma Art Museum, and/or to cover costs such as ferry tickets and tolls. We will work with you on a case-by-case basis regarding travel to your school.

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Stand-Alone Themes
Pre- and post-visit classroom lessons will tie to your chosen school tour theme.

  • The Shape of Things
    How does geometry reveal itself through art? Using artwork from Tacoma Art Museum's permanent collection and seasonal exhibitions, students examine mathematical concepts such as shape, form, pattern, repetition, and symmetry through discussion and a hands-on art activity.
    Download the curriculum guide (PDF)
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  • Best of the Northwest
    Tacoma Art Museum’s collection of Northwest art includes more than 3,200 objects, with a focus on paintings by Northwest artists, students will explore our geographic identity and consider how to tell stories through a hands-on art project.
    Download the curriculum guide (PDF)
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  • Glass: Northwest Inspirations
    Where do ideas come from? Through discussion and a hands-on art activity, students investigate this question while exploring the inspirations behind Dale Chihuly’s studio glass art and learning about his artistic process. Inspired by marine life of the Pacific Northwest, Navaho blankets, and the material of glass itself, Chihuly has created diverse forms that evoke the patterns and movement of natural and man-made objects.
    Download the curriculum guide (PDF)
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Educator and Teacher Materials
It is helpful if you can be prepared with:

  • Pencils and plain paper
  • Name tags for students
  • Readiness to assist with classroom management as necessary

For stand-alone visits, we appreciate if you are able to preview the curriculum guide related to your theme (see links above) and prepare students for our visit accordingly.

Museum educators will bring the following when they visit your classroom:

  • Thumb-drive and laminated posters of images for discussion
  • An exhibition-relevant poster to leave in your classroom
  • Supplies for the art project and activity sheets for the specified number of students
  • Hands-on samples of art objects and materials (e.g. frit and rods for a glass themed visit)
  • Teacher resource materials including a curriculum guide
  • An evaluation form for you to return to us

Passionate about the arts but can’t afford it?
Click here to contact us and find out more about qualifying to participate in a special, free pilot program that will bring high school students from Tacoma School of the Arts, trained by Tacoma Art Museum, into your classroom! Or, ask us to visit your PTA or other decision-making organization and let us help to convince them to provide funding for your class.

Contact School and Teacher Programs
T: 253.722.2455
F: 253.627.1898

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