Collect 21 NW

Members of Collect 21 NW travel to various art galleries, studios, and events, to meet art collectors and artists of the Northwest. Along with these events, members of the group raise funds in order to purchase at least one work from the year’s highlighted artists to enhance the Collect 21 NW collection. In June of each year, the group assembles to select works to be purchased for Tacoma Art Museum’s permanent collection.

Benefits of Joining Collect 21 NW

  • Unique experiences focused on art and collecting
  • Developing relationships with curators, artists, gallerists, and collectors
  • Vote on works to purchase for the museum’s Collect 21 NW collection
  • Help promote the work of these Northwest artists

Join Today

This travel group and selection committee is open to Patron Circle level members. All group members of Collect 21 NW donate a minimum of $500 on top of their membership to create a purchasing pool for the year to come.

Contact Michael Downing, Director of Development, at 253-272-4258 ×3001 or for more information.