Elementary School (PreK-5th Grade) Field Trip Programs

Choose from one of the following themes for your group’s field trip. We can also work with you to create a customized program to meet your learning goals.

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Cost: $7 per student ($5 per student at scholarship rate).

How Artists Create

How do artists use the elements of art to create meaning? Dive deeper into artists’ choices in the galleries, then use your newfound knowledge to make your own work of art. Supports state Visual Arts standards

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Seeing Stories

What stories do artists tell in their works of art? Discover character, setting, and plot in the galleries, and create your own art that tells a story. Supports CCSS English Language Arts and state Visual Arts standards

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Our Northwest Home

What do works of art say about time and place? Explore historic and contemporary works of art from Northwest artists, and make art about your own community. Supports state Social Studies standards, state Visual Arts standards, and Since Time Immemorial curriculum

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