Middle and High School (6th - 12th grade) Field Trip Programs

Choose from one of the following themes for your group’s field trip. We can also work with you to create a customized program to meet your learning goals.

Tools of Expression

How do artists use the elements of art and principles of design to communicate meaning and express ideas? Critically analyze works of art in the galleries, and then create art of your own! Supports state Visual Arts standards.

Art as Text

Read a work of art, just like you would read a text! Learn how to apply literacy skills, such as citing evidence, making inferences, and identifying points of view to examine works of art as non-print texts. Supports CCSS English Language Arts and state Visual Arts standards.

People & Places: Native Voices:

Build essential research skills through the examination and analysis of primary and secondary sources. Explore tribal sovereignty, human rights, and the value of indigenous self-determination with critical interpretation of works of art by both Native and non-Native artists. Supports state Social Studies and Visual Arts standards, CCSS English Language Arts standards, and Since Time Immemorial curriculum.

People & Places: Japanese Incarceration:

Build essential research skills through the examination and analysis of primary and secondary sources. Cultivate empathy for Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII, and understand how visual artists made sense of their experiences of incarceration through art-making. Supports state Social Studies and Visual Arts standards and CCSS English Language Arts standards.

Self-Guided Experiences

Self-guided experiences are recommended for middle and high school groups who have specific learning goals separate from our field trip programs. On a self-guided experience, students and chaperones will explore the galleries together. TAM does not provide educators or curriculum for these programs. Self-guided experiences can be any length of time you choose; we recommend approximately 1 – 1.5 hours.

Cost: $5 per student, scholarship rate of $3.50 per student available for eligible schools
Required chaperone ratio: 1 chaperone per 7 students

Ocean Fest Self-guided Tour

Learn how artists express ideas about oceans! Students will work together to investigate several water-themed works of art using a self-guided activity sheet. Consider issues of environmentalism, beauty, and the importance of water in the Pacific Northwest. These gallery activities will help students form ideas for Ocean Fest poetry, film, or data storytelling contest submissions, and/or prepare for a visit to Ocean Fest.

(Note: this self-guided experience does not include facilitation by TAM staff.)

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