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UNFRAMED with The Not-Creepy Gathering
June 22, 2018 @ 6:00 pm10:00 pm

Doors open at 6 pm for UNFRAMED. The Not-Creepy Gathering runs 7 – 9 pm. Museum closes at 10 pm.

The Not-Creepy Gathering takes over UNFRAMED!

Are you a nice person who just wants to meet another nice person? This event is for you!

Do you ever look around at all of your fabulous single friends and think, “You’re all so great! Why can’t I get you all in a room together?” Here’s your chance!

“What if I’m gay?” That’s great! This event is not just for straight people.

“Aw, I do want love, but I’m too old.” No you’re not! This event draws adults of all ages (21+ only).

Are you scared? It’s okay. Me, too. Let’s be scared together.

This carefully crafted and facilitated event—which involves writing exercises, opportunities to talk one-on-one, and all-group activities—is fun, sweet, playful, surprisingly moving, and remarkably effective. Just bring a notebook!

The Not-Creepy Gathering starts promptly at 7 pm, so don’t be late! Program runs 7 – 9 pm. See below to purchase tickets.

Not single?

Want to support your single friends while they try something new? Ready for a date night with your significant other? Enjoy all of our regular UNFRAMED programming throughout the night:


Cost: $10 ($5 members/students with ID)

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About The Not-Creepy Gathering

Jenna Bean Veatch is a multi-disciplinary performing artist who is known for creating “pure, unadulterated, heart-stopping whimsy”. She makes dances, theater shows, music, stop-action animated music videos, delightful objects, and community gatherings.

Hear Jenna speak about The Not-Creepy Gathering in this on-air interview with KUOW.

Learn more at


UNFRAMED is generously supported by Propel Insurance