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A Decade of Excellence: Celebrating the Neddy Artist Fellowship

January 29 - June 5, 2005

Exhibition Resources

The Neddy Artist Fellowship
The Fellowship's official Web site, which includes a list of past recipients and nominees, as well as examples of their works in paint, scultpure, printmaking, and photography.

Juan Alonso
Alonso's Web site includes many images of his paintings and drawings, as well as a statement on his work.

Cris Bruch
Examples of Bruch's sculptures, from the Elizabeth Leach Gallery.

Donnabelle Casis
The Howard House Web site provides Casis's resume, and images of many of her paintings and drawings.

Claire Cowie
Many images of the artist's work in collage, with commentary, from the James Harris Gallery Web site.

Susan Dory
A resume and links to images of Dory's paintings, from the Howard House site.

Claudia Fitch
The Greg Kucera Gallery site includes many images of Fitch's sculptures and works on paper, as well as commentary on her art.

Dionne Haroutunian
A brief overview of one of the artist's series, accompanied by several examples of her prints.

Mark Takamichi Miller
A biography of the artist, with links to images of several of his paintings, from the Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery site.

Michael Spafford
An auto-biographical statement and images of Spafford's paintings and drawings are on display on this site, from the Francine Seders Gallery.

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