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Renoir as Printmaker: The Complete Works, 1876 - 1912

January 17 - June 29, 2008

Exhibition Resources

Auguste Renoir Gallery
An extensive biography of Pierre-Auguste Renoir's life.

Experience Impressionism
Take a guided tour of the Impressionist movement, of which Renoir was a part, and explore interesting concepts that define the movement.

Impressionism: Art and Modernity
Impressionism's role in the history of art, provided by The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

What is a Print?
Museum of Modern Art interactive tutorial on different types of prints. (Requires Flash 5 to access.)

History of Printmaking
From ancient Chinese woodcuts to twentieth-century trends in printmaking.

Renoir Prints at Museum of Modern Art
Information about Pinning the Hat, one of Renoir's larger, more elaborate prints. A version of this print is on view in the exhibition.

How Renoir coped with rheumatoid arthritis
Renoir was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis later in his life, during the time period when he was most actively creating prints. The British Medical Journal detailed Renoir's experience with the debilitating condition and the possible effects on his work.

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