Experience the diverse exhibitions that explore aspects and history of the studio art glass movement

The Rebecca and Jack Benaroya Collection casts a spotlight on the unique half-century story of the Pilchuck Glass School, its influence and innovation central to developments in the recent history of Northwest art. The Benaroya Collection represents the finest achievements by key artists associated with the Pilchuck Glass School as well as encompasses the broad interest of the Benaroyas from the Northwest Mystics of the 1950s to historical art deco glass to the highly desirable production lines of Steuben, Lalique, and Baccarat.

The Benaroya Collection has been hailed as one of the most prestigious private collections of glass art in the United States. The Benaroya’s promised gift elevates Tacoma Art Museum into the list of top 5 museums nationwide with this focus by adding to the holdings from the other influential glass collections including those of Anne Gould Hauberg, Paul Marioni, and Dale Chihuly.

Tacoma Art Museum continues to partner with the Museum of Glass, to position Tacoma as an international epicenter of studio art glass.

Metaphor into Form: Art in the Era of the Pilchuck Glass School

Founded in 1971, the Pilchuck Glass School, co-founded by Tacoma native Dale Chihuly, emerged as a world-renowned center for glass art in the 1980s. The artists who are involved with the Pilchuck Glass School continue to expand its reputation as one of the most significant opportunities for artistic innovation. Metaphor into Form showcases the breadth of creativity that has been nurtured by the Pilchuck Glass School. Showcasing a wide range of forms and techniques, this exhibition highlights how artists have responded to the possibilities of the material properties of glass as a metaphor for the human experience and the creative impulse. From the delicacy of intricately exquisite goblets to the illusion of remnants of ancient civilizations, the artworks included will illuminate how glass has become an indispensable material for contemporary artists.

Debora Moore: Arboria

Debora Moore: Arboria premiers the artist’s new monumental sculptures exploring the beauty and awe of seasonal change. Inspired by mountainous trees tenaciously clinging onto boulders and traditional Japanese bonsai forms, Debora Moore represents the most beautiful moments of each season through a proliferation of colors, and textures. With roots wrapping around boulders to sweeping branches laden with delicate blossoms, Moore looks to the power of nature as symbols of resilience, dignity, and strength. Arboria encourages the viewer to linger under the boughs of an ever-blooming forest and contemplate their place within the natural cycles. Organized by Tacoma Art Museum.

Mary Van Cline: Selections from The Documenta Project

Known for her role as one of the first generation of innovative glass artists, Mary Van Cline has often included her photography in her work. With her recent series of portraits, Van Cline documents the leading figures who helped to ensure that the studio art glass movement would thrive, including artists, curators, gallery owners, and collectors.  Van Cline began the project with her interest in documenting the iconic artists who established their international reputations beginning in the 1970s and 1980s. Because of her close relationship with  her subjects, Van Cline captures the unique personalities that propelled the studio glass movement.

All the Rivers Flow into the Sea: Introducing Martin Blank’s Current

Martin Blank created Current for a commission by Melvyn Poll for his offices in downtown Seattle. For his response to the historic architectural space, Blank looked to the myriad of waterways of the Pacific Northwest for inspiration. He translated his observations of the interconnected streams, rivers, and Puget Sound into sweeping curves of cast glass that meander gracefully between reclaimed timbers from the Poll Building. Current will be installed in the museum lobby.

Header: Daniel Friday, Lummi Nation (born Seattle, Washington, 1975), Aunt Fran’s Cedar Basket, 2018. Blown and woven cane mosaic glass, 12 1/2 x 12 x 11 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Stonington Gallery, Seattle. Photo: courtesy of the artist. Top Left:  Cappy Thompson, I Receive a Great Blessing from the Sun and the Moon: I Will Be an Artist and Walk the Path of Beauty, 1995. Blown glass and fired enamels,17 í— 14 1/2 í— 14 1/2 in. Tacoma Art Museum, Gift of Anne Gould Hauberg, 2013.12.15. Photo by Doug Yaple. Top Right: Debora Moore, Arboria (detail), 2018. Glass, in progress. Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Rozarii Lynch. Bottom Left:  Mary Van Cline, Becky Benaroya, 2017. Inkjet print, 65 í— 42 inches. Tacoma Art Museum, Promised gift of the artist in honor of Rebecca Benaroya. Photo courtesy of the artist. Bottom Right:    Martin Blank, Current  (detail), 1994. Glass, reclaimed wood, and metal, 162 í— 360 í— 96 in. Tacoma Art Museum, Gift of Rosalind Poll, 2018.2. Photo courtesy of the artist.