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Teen Open Studio
October 19, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

We Invite you to come join our free Teen Open Studio on October 19th from 5-7pm in the TAM Studio!

This week’s Teen Open Studio will feature a Día de los Muertos inspired mask making project with guest Artist, Mauricio Robalino. Check out more of Mauricio’s work Here.

Mauricio loves making art that is colorful, dynamic, mysterious, and inspiring. His drawings, sculptures, and mosaics are a celebration of the senses. He is an artist by vocation and avocation. Mauricio loves sharing his curiosity, enthusiasm, and experience, and good will with all who are interested. He has lived in Tacoma with his family for over twenty years. Mauricio’s public and private works of art can be found all around our City of Destiny. At one time there were fifteen mosaics that read TACOMA ART MUSEUM and adorned the Tacoma Art Museum’s fence along Dock Street. Mauricio and party guests created those mosaics at the 24-hour opening party for the new museum building in May of 2003. Mauricio is also a veteran artist in residence at countless schools in Tacoma, and the world.