#StillLifeYourLife Contest

Eloquent Objects: Georgia  O’Keeffe  & Still-Life Art in New Mexico  opens March 1 at TAM. Show us what inspires you by telling your story through a still-life photo or painting.


Contest Update

This contest has ended and a winner will be announced on social media on 5/8/2015.


How to Enter

  1. Create a still life that represents something about you
  2. Snap a photo and post it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
  3. Use the hashtag #StillLifeYourLife and tag Tacoma Art Museum
    • If you don’t have a social media account or your privacy settings prevent posting publically, see FAQ below.
    • Contest closes April 30


Show off your work at TAM

Beginning in March, TAM will be open late every Thursday (until 8 pm). Every Thursday evening, we will be showing a collection of submitted photos in the TAM Lobby.

Grand Prize Photo

  • One year TAM Membership (Friend Level)
  • Exhibition poster from Eloquent Objects: Georgia O’Keeffe and Still-Life Art in New Mexico

Grand Prize Painting

A separate prize will be awarded to one individual who goes the extra mile and posts an image of their  painted still life.

  • Copy of the exhibition catalogue, signed by the author
  • Plush Leroy
  • Your piece hung in a community space at TAM (pending available space)

Business Submissions

Get your workplace involved by posting a still life about your job, department, or company. Submissions from company social media accounts may be re-posted  on our social media channels, however,  prizes will only be awarded to submissions by individuals. We may make an exception for a small local business run by an individual.

What is a still life?

TAM Still LifeA still life is an image of objects or things. Artists choose specific objects for their meaning or to help tell a story. Examples of still life works can be viewed in the exhibition  Eloquent Objects: Georgia  O’Keeffe  & Still-Life Art in New Mexico.

Common still-life portraits are often set against a background and include the following subjects:

  • Flowers
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Personally meaningful objects
  • Cultural artifacts
  • Architectural objects
  • Abstract drawings of familiar objects

Use the above list as a guideline (but not a restriction) to tell your story in the form of a still life. Good luck!


Where and how should I post my still life?

  • Post your still life on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Use the hashtag #StillLifeYourLife so we can find the image
  • Tag Tacoma Art Museum in your post (not required, but it  helps us find the image)
  • It is OK to use an Instagram Filter
  • It is OK to post directly to our Facebook Page  (see below for details)

What if I don’t have a social media account  or my account has privacy settings enabled?

If your Instagram or Facebook account has privacy enabled we may not see your images.  If you do not have a social media account, you can email your submission, along with your name and contact info to: Emailed submissions may be shared on our social media channels.

It is OK to post directly on our Facebook Page. Posts on our Facebook timeline are not publically viewable unless we share it. Whether or not we share your posts does not increase your chances of winning.

Can I submit more than one still life?

Yes. Your life is more than one story, from time spent with family and friends to your job. You are welcome to submit more than once, but try to keep it around three submissions.

How  and when is a winner chosen?

The week of May 1, we will choose our top five photo still life submissions, and an additional top five painted still life submissions. We will post these to our social media channels for public voting.

The winning piece is not chosen based on votes alone. Our judges will factor in the number of votes with other creative factors such as style and content.

Finally, TAM judges will factor in the number of votes with other creative factors such as style and content.

The winning submission will be posted on our social media channels and contacted directly through the channel they originally submitted the image.  Winners are encouraged to email us directly at with their full contact information.

How is my image used?

Some submissions may be posted or shared onto our social media channels, website, and on a digital display at the Tacoma Art Museum.

Did you see my submission?

If you posted your image on social media and it appears on our  Tag Wall,  we saw your submission.

If you emailed us your image, or posted it directly to our Facebook Page, we saw your submission.

If you did not send us your image directly OR you do not see the image on our Tag Wall, your privacy settings for your social media account are preventing us from seeing your image (see info above for sending us your image directly).