[re]Frame Haub Family Collection of Western American Art

Haub Family Collection of
Western American Art

[re]Frame: Haub Family Collection of Western American Art is a project that expands the narratives about the art of the American West by opening four new exhibitions that look at the region from a range of perspectives. Four guest curators from around the countryLele Barnett, Nikesha Breeze, Maymanah Farhat, and Patricia Marroquin Norby—each drew inspiration from the Haub Family Collection and created exhibitions that center artists and ideas that are historically underrepresented in museums.

[re]Frame / The Abiqueños and The Artist
May 18, 2024 – May 31, 2026

[re]Frame / Nepantla: The Land is the Beloved
May 18, 2024 – September 6, 2026

[re]Frame / Blackness Is…the refusal to be reduced
May 18, 2024 – March 14, 2027

[re]Frame / Finding Home: The Chinese American West
May 18, 2024 – September 5, 2027


Special Thanks To:
The Haub Family
Terra Foundation for American Art
Tacoma Creates