Recording Audio for TAM

A representative from Tacoma Art Museum will call to interview you over the phone. You will record your side of the conversation and then send the files to us (it’s easy, we promise!)

We have provided instructions (below) on how to install an app onto a smartphone or tablet that will record high-quality audio of your side of the conversation. This app then automatically uploads the file to TAM.

If you have any difficulty with the following instruction or you would  prefer complete assistance, call Myles at Tacoma Art Museum: 253-272-4258 x3047  (Tuesday–Friday 9 am–4 pm Pacific Standard Time)

What you will need

  • An iPhone, iPad, or Android device with internet access
    • You will be recording your portion of the interview on this device.
  • A second phone line (mobile, landline, or skype) to speak with a TAM representative during the recording process
  • A quiet location

Installing the Voice Recorder App

Prepare for your Interview

Please refer to this section 1 hour prior to your interview.

  • Ensure you have installed and tested the voice recording app
  • Find a quiet location with no echo or white noise (turn off fans, air conditioners, etc..)
  • Having a WiFi connection is preferred (to ensure the audio file uploads to us quickly)

Interview Tips

  • Keep your eye on the recording device. If it stops recording for any reason, simply stop talking, start a new recording and begin from your most recent thought
  • Always pause before answering a question or beginning a new thought
  • Limit your body movement and avoid making noises with your hands such as tapping a desk or clicking a mouse
  • Try not to block your mouth with the phone you’re using to speak to TAM (or use speakerphone)
  • Place the recording device directly in front of you on a desk or table (around 6 inches to 1 foot away)
  • Use  an average speaking volume
  • Lastly, don’t forget to start the recording  as soon as the interview begins 🙂

Post-Interview Tips

  • Once you end the recording, the file will begin uploading to us Automatically (1–5 minutes)
  • If you are using an iPhone or iPad, a message will appear at the bottom of the app that says “Uploading Audio. Please wait.” Allow 1-5 minutes  until this message disappears.

Thank you!