Object of the Week – “Jacob Lawrence”

“I have always worked in the field, never in a studio, because I wanted to photograph subjects in their own environment. It is the spirit of the subject which is most important. As the photographer, I have always tried to stay in the background, and shoot the subjects as they arrange themselves. My subjects become … Continue reading Object of the Week – “Jacob Lawrence”

Object of the Week – “After Scarlatti”

Mary Henry’s body of work mirrors the evolution of modernist ideas in American art in the 20th century. She was primarily interested in the clean, sharp lines and geometry of non-objective abstraction, images constructed solely from shapes and colors rather than derived from a physical object. Her hard-edged compositions, painted in strong colors, are carefully … Continue reading Object of the Week – “After Scarlatti”

Object of the Week – “Seasick Sailors and the Silver Cord”

Jeffry Mitchell crafts his art with a seemingly casual aesthetic that underscores his understanding of the history of art and contemporary culture. Working primarily in ceramic, Mitchell is well versed in the medium’s history and traditions from around the globe. His style is immediately recognizable with works that embrace accessibility while making powerful connections to … Continue reading Object of the Week – “Seasick Sailors and the Silver Cord”

Zoom into TAM

You may have seen virtual backgrounds that place you on tropical islands, in outer space, and even in a Minecraft ™ like world. How would you like to bring a bit of TAM into your next meeting?

We are delighted to introduce TAM videoconferencing backgrounds for your use in your next conference call, virtual happy hour, or family chat. Just download one of the images below and use it in the videoconferencing application of your choice. Tag the Tacoma Art Museum when you share your screenshots and include the hashtag #TAMatHome.

Not sure how to change your background? Check out the help center of your platform for step by step instructions!

Object of the Week – “More Time Expected”

“My pieces are meant for dialogue, for discussion, for thinking about…That’s my ultimate goal.” Thomas Haukaas In More Time Expected, ledger, beadwork, and doll artist Thomas Haukaas (Rosebud Sioux Tribe) depicts more than twenty horses, with their knees bent, simulating forward movement across the picture plane.  The horses vary in color and adornment with some moving … Continue reading Object of the Week – “More Time Expected”

Object of the Week – “Untitled”

Marsha Burns has spent much of her career capturing people whose existence is self-defined. Working in Seattle in the 1970s, she focused on creating figure studies and nudes in her studio. Her models, usually friends and acquaintances with androgynous qualities, posed in a mostly empty setting in various states of undress accompanied by select objects … Continue reading Object of the Week – “Untitled”