Día de los Muertos 2022
Día de los Muertos 2022

Día de los Muertos 2022

Known in English as Day of the Dead, this life-affirming celebration of the eternal life cycle has been observed for centuries. Day of the Dead combines ancient and colonial traditions, folk customs, and spiritual beliefs. Celebrated in Mexican and Latin American communities on November 1 and 2, Día de los Muertos is a powerful, symbolic way to honor relatives and friends who have died.

Exemplifying TAM’s mission of connecting people through art, Tacoma Art Museum’s annual Día de los Muertos Festival has grown over the past 18 years, bringing together community organizations, schools, families, and individuals to create altars, celebrate, and share.

This year’s festival included a tapete (sand painting) by acclaimed artist Fulgencio Lazo and our exhibition of community-built ofrendas (altars.) Traditionally, families assemble altars in their homes laden with food and drink offerings to nourish the spirits on their long journey back home. Over the years at TAM, we have seen many beautiful and powerful offerings to those who have passed, and we look forward to sharing the beautiful altars created in the museum this year.

Also included were foods from Seattle’s La Malquerida and performances by Trío Guadalevín, CeAtl Tonalli, and Ballet Folklorico.

The 2022 Dia de los Muertos Community Festival is generously supported in part by Tacoma Creates and presented in partnership with CeAtl Tonalli, Latinx Unidos of the South Sound (LUSS), Mi Centro, Pierce County Aids Foundation, and Tacoma Arts Live.

Music in the video performed by Ceatl Tonalli.