The Current: Saying The Quiet Parts Out Loud 1


The Current: Saying the Quiet Parts Out Loud

April 15 - October 15, 2023

The Current: Saying the Quiet Parts Out Loud  illustrates the story of The Current, An Artist Award in its inaugural year by transforming the gallery into an immersive experience.

The exhibition reimagines the gallery space as a portal that guides visitors into the world of The Current, An Artist Award, providing glimpses of its values and purpose. The design reflects how the award is making a place at TAM for Black artists in the Tacoma area.

“This is my invitation to visitors into The Current. This is a portal into the work,” said Victoria Miles, exhibition curator, and Artist Award manager. “It is not so much to be viewed as it is to be experienced. I am very intentional and thoughtful around any decision made for The Current. That shows through the values of the work and how and who we are building with.

“The title ‘Saying the Quiet Parts Out Loud’ references the quiet and slowness around the intentionality of the work, expressing things that are intrinsic to us by nature, values that ground this work,” Miles said. “Thoughtful transformations and caring, supportive relationships require quiet moments for the work to take form, shape its identity, and be as earnest as possible. The Current is a new place for TAM, a place of innovation and support for Black artists — so it must be intentional and rooted in values of care.”

This exhibition is a dynamic exploration of The Current, An Artist Award, embodying the inspirations and values that shape The Current: warmth, intimacy, care, community, and support. These themes bring attention to the importance of support and placemaking for many Black artists and individuals in the Tacoma area.

The exhibition features works from The Current’s 2022 awardee Darrell McKinney thoughtfully and collaboratively incorporated throughout the gallery. The exhibition includes a variety of mediums ranging from installation work to sculpture and design, highlighting the vast landscape of Black artistic practices in Tacoma.

Taking advantage of the space and designing it in a manner that complements the story of The Current, the walls are brightly painted, permeated in pinks, purples, and oranges that envelop visitors in a warm, inviting space.

The exhibition capitalizes on this cozy, intimate space by including a communal area infused with ambient music selected by the award program’s contributors to this project. Also included is a bookshelf filled with resources and literature that embrace the themes and values of The Current. McKinney’s sculptures are incorporated throughout the space, noticeably around the communal area.

The Current: Saying the Quiet Parts Out Loud presents a schedule of artist programming, including some programming in the gallery area in collaboration with this year’s awardee Darrell McKinney.