Infant Care Room Debutes at TAM

We like babies and want them to be welcomed at TAM so this Spring we created our Infant Care Room.

The idea for the Infant Care Room grew out of a staff need for a place to breastfeed and pump during the workday. While we had been making do with an empty office space, but we knew we could do better. The idea of a dedicated space that was comfortable and quiet was an amenity that would add to the work-life balance we strive for at TAM. In addition, by having the room accessible to museum visitors we can welcome families with infants more fully at the Museum. So far the families that have used the room are very happy to have the amenity. Many of the spaces in the galleries are not comfortable for feeding infants and toddlers so this space makes it a little easier.

The room, which opened in time for Mother’s Day, is a point of pride for TAM’s Director. “Our community’s strength owes so much to the tireless work of mothers and we hope we are able to give them a small sign of our gratitude with this new addition”, noted David F. Setford.

Matt Daugherty our Building and IT Manager found the space to create the infant care room which is on the third floor of the Museum. Amber Trillo our Director of HR choose all the furnishings and Boun Lameny our Building and Safety Lead built out the room.