The Art of "Soft Power": Erika Harada
The Art of "Soft Power": Erika Harada

The Art of “Soft Power”: Erika Harada

Soft Power artist Erika Harada was born in the Saga Prefecture, Japan, 1985. Using traditional Japanese methods and natural dyes, Bremerton based Harada creates work that honors and represents the resiliency of the Asian American diaspora.

Of her large scale Koinoburi, the artist notes, “Koi are said to turn into dragons after they scale waterfalls and rapids, and thus represent potential hope, strength, and resilience in the face of adversity. My wish when I dye each new koi is that our community and other minority communities can come together and become a stronger, more formidable force in the face of adversity.”

Soft materials. Powerful ideas. Using traditional processes, these artists have created potent contemporary declarations of resistance, resilience, love, and rebuke. Stitches, purls, and pleats form an urgent and vital material language: Cultural stereotypes, humanity’s impact on the environment, and healthcare access are among the topics examined in this exhibition.