Two containers of SWASH Body moisturizer cream displayed in front of a monstera leaf.
Two containers of SWASH Body moisturizer cream displayed in front of a monstera leaf.

TAM Store Highlight – SWASH. Body/Aikita Jones

Photo of SWASH Body owner and CEO Aikita Jones posed seated on the sidewalk in front of a brick wall.
SWASH Body. CEO and Master Concoctionist Aikita Jones

Spring is here. A time for lightness, rejuvenation, and growth. What better way to turn over a new leaf than to commit yourself to some serious self-care to start the season? SWASH. Body is the perfect way to start your spring off right. Founded by CEO and Master Concoctionist, Aikita Jones, SWASH. Body was created as a clean and fresh alternative to the chemical-filled, heavily-fragranced body care products found on the typical drugstore shelf. Dissatisfied with these products, largely marketed to people based on hyper-masculine or hyper-feminine stereotypes, Aikita realized that these brands also failed to recognize the ever-changing dynamics of modern families. Equally dissatisfied with pregnancy and postpartum products that claimed to be for all pregnant people but only marketed to cis-gendered-heterosexual women, Aikita set out to create a brand that built inclusivity and difference into everything they make. Every SWASH. Body product is concocted for “People + Parents + Preggos + MODs (Mothers, Others, Dads) — folx seeking nourishing, purposeful, and effective body care solutions.” Their guiding philosophy is that every caregiver deserves to be represented.

Image of SWASH skincare products displayed with cherry blossoms in front of a blue-green background
Selection of skincare options from SWASH Body.

Focusing on a holistic approach to self-care, SWASH. specializes in a variety of treatments and products designed to nourish both mind and body. From linen and pillow mists that provide a calming nights sleep to sugar body exfoliators designed to leave skin smooth and soft, every ingredient in these luxurious, plant-derived concoctions is explored and tested to determine functionality, efficacy, and environmental effect before being selected for formulas. Each product is then socially-tested before being released to the wider public to ensure the highest possible quality.

Are you ready to democratize your self-care regimen and “spark joy” with SWASH. Body? The Tacoma Art Museum Store is proud to carry a selection of their products both in store and online. If you’re interested in directly supporting Aikita and her work, stop by the Tacoma Art Museum Store Friday through Sunday 10am -5pm, shop SWASH. at the TAM Store online, send us an email at, or call us at (253) 272-4258 x3005. Your purchase directly supports Aikita and the museum’s mission of connecting people through art.