The Art of "Soft Power" // Joey Veltkamp
The Art of "Soft Power" // Joey Veltkamp

The Art of “Soft Power” // Joey Veltkamp

Using fabric, thread, and paint, queer multimedia folk artist Joey Veltkamp creates “soft paintings” of their everyday life, brimming with cats, flowers, and a healthy dose of protest.

Text, images, and exuberant color express deeply personal stories infused with empathy and humor.

Born in Montana, the artist currently lives and works in Bremerton, WA. Veltkamp has exhibited widely, including solo exhibitions at Bellevue Arts Museum and Greg Kucera Gallery.

Soft materials. Powerful ideas. Using traditional processes, the artists of Soft Power have created potent contemporary declarations of resistance, resilience, love, and rebuke. Stitches, purls, and pleats form an urgent and vital material language: Cultural stereotypes, humanity’s impact on the environment, and healthcare access are among the topics examined in this exhibition.