The Current // "what if" : Kristina Batiste's "Compose #5"
The Current // "what if" : Kristina Batiste's "Compose #5"

The Current // “what if” : Kristina Batiste’s “Compose #5”

As we put the finishing touches on the gallery for our upcoming what if exhibition, check out this behind the scenes explanation for Kristina Batiste’s “Compose #5,” which is part of the exhibition.

“Compose uses touch, purposeful interaction, and consideration, in the same way that choosing a favorite mug does and creates a way for a person to curate a moment and memory, and let the clay hold it.”
Kristina Batiste

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the curator, Victoria Miles, will invite visitors to create their own compositions during what if programming. These compositions will be documented and shared in the gallery. Gallery visitors will be able to witness the transformations of “Compose #5” from the opening of the exhibition to its closing.

We invite you to join us on Friday, June 28 from 6-8pm for the opening party of what if. Be part of the exclusive look at the exhibition, with a chance to mingle with the artists and curator. Enjoy delightful drinks, refreshments and music! Remember to RSVP and secure your spot here!