Experience The Naturalist & The Trickster

The Naturalist & The Trickster: Audubon/RYAN! was open for less than two months before TAM closed due to COVID-19. We have gathered a selection of opportunities to experience the exhibition from home, including a new dynamic virtual tour.

Explore the exhibition below, click on the different-colored dots to read wall texts, watch related video clips, and more. While available on mobile, this tour is best viewed on a desktop or tablet.

As this is a new platform for TAM, we want to hear more about your experience and how we can make it better. Tell us what you think by taking this survey. 

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Artist RYAN! Feddersen standing in front of her mural "Coyote Now Epic"

The Tail of the Tale: The Origin of The Naturalist & The Trickster: Audubon/RYAN! 


Crayons case in the shape of coyote bones by RYAN! Feddersen

An Interview with RYAN! Feddersen



The Naturalist & The Trickster: Audubon/RYAN! Press Kit