The Artists

The 43 artists represented in The Outwin 2016 range from emerging to internationally known. They live and work in 20 different states, from Hawaii to Maryland and Minnesota to Texas. A jury of experts chose these artists for their excellence and innovation; they are mastering their chosen mediums, and redefining portraiture to capture the shifting nature of identity. In the process, they confront the cultural and political landscape with sensitivity to the human condition and all its complexity.

Recommended Artist Websites

John Ahearn
Dean Allison
Wendy Arbeit
Rick Ashley
Evan Baden  
Claire Beckett
Claudia Bií§en  and
Kelly Carmody
Marti Corn
Paul D’Amato
Ray DiCapua
Tim Doud
Maureen Drennan
Jess T. Dugan*
Gaspar Enriquez
Lucy Fradkin
Jona Frank
Rigoberto Gonzalez
Allison Janae Hamilton
Jessica Todd Harper*
Anne Harris
Clarity Haynes
Cynthia Henebry*
Sedrick Huckaby*
Dave Jordano
Riva Lehrer
Jarod Lew
Daniel James McInnis*  
Michael Meadors
Dean Mitchell
Thu Nguyen  
Tim Okamura
Christine Osinski
Paul Oxborough
Louie Palu
Joel Daniel Phillips*
Adrian Roman
Amy Sherald**
Carolyn Sherer
Donita Simpson
Mike Smith  
Naoko Wowsugi
Brenda Zlamany

**  Denotes First Prize Winner
*Denotes artists selected as prize winners