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Artist in Residency: Kristina Batiste Visting Hours
March 14 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Artist in Residency: Kristina Batiste Visting Hours
Potter Kristina Batiste

The Current is excited to announce its first Artist Residency at TAM with potter Kristina Batiste!

Kristina is the Awardee for the 2023 The Current, An Artist Award, and will be working on her ceramics within our facilities here at TAM from March 6- May 3rd.

Join us during our visiting hours where visitors are welcome to come i,  look at the work, and talk with the artist. 

Location: Murdock Classroom

Visiting Hours:
March 14 5-7pm
April 11, 5-7pm

We’ll also have quiet-viewing opportunities where you can peek into the studio and watch the artist work from outside the studio on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Kristina Batiste is a minimalist potter and ceramic artist.The Current, An Artist Award Awardees 3 Prior to ceramics she worked as a writer and editor, in graphic design, and higher education, and is currently a part-time librarian. The through line of her career has been a focus on distilling information into simple, memorable forms and ruthless editing. Age, gender, and experience inform her practice, and inspirations include modernist art and architecture, literature, and nature. She loves a line, and will someday pick a favorite between porcelain, red, brown, buff, and black clay. Batiste has been featured in “Black American Ceramic Artists” published by Schiffer, an article in Ceramics Monthly, and was the subject of a segment in Hulu’s “Your Attention Please” documentary series. She is also the co-founder of the Tacoma Pottery Salon, a mostly monthly gathering of potters. Learn more about Batiste and her work at