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Coast to Cascades: C.C. McKim’s Impressionist Vision

McKim's light-filled, evocative images of Oregon landscapes capture the unique beauty and character of the Northwest.

November 12, 2016 – March 26, 2017

Above in order of appearance: C.C. McKim, Across the Columbia, circa 1920. Oil on canvas, 26 x 42 inches.  Collection of Mark Humpal and Diane Zuhl.  Photo by Mark Humpal.  Patton Creek, 1924.  Oil on canvas, 20 x 26 inches.  Collection of Jeff and Esther Clark.  Photo by  Mark Humpal.  Untitled (Haystack Rock), circa 1915–20.  Oil on canvas, 20 í— 26 inches.  Collection of Portland Public Schools, Oregon.  Photo by Mark Humpal.  Mount Hood from Bull Run Lake, 1921.  Oil on canvas, 35 í— 42 inches.  Collection of Pam and Charles Muehleck.  Photo by  Scott Withers.