The New Frontier: Art and Television, 1960-1965

January 20, 2001 – March 18, 2001

The New Frontier: Art and Television 1960-1965, brought together a collection of work by artists that produced works that portrayed television not just as an object to be pictured, but as a system that transformed the nature of how we perceive images. In four sections – “Screens,” “Circuits,” “Programs,” and “Television World” – the exhibit presented silk screen paintings by Andy Warhol, prepared television sets by Nam June Paik, collages and assemblages by Robert Rausenberg, records of “happenings” by Wolf Vostell, and works by numerous other artists including James Rosenquist, Ed Kienholz, and Yoko Ono. This exhibition was organized by the Austin Museum of Art and guest curated by John Alan Farmer with major local support provided by: AT&T and The Boeing Company.