TAM welcomes commercial photography and filming. We endeavor to work with creative agencies, independent artists and communications experts to provide a unique and spectacular setting for your project.

Tacoma Art Museum reserves the right to limit or not allow filming of artwork.

Please read our full guidelines and complete the application.

Woman posing for photography
Studio Session supported by Fashion District NW Designer Nox Fashion House, Photo by: Ivy Chen

Are some times and days better than others?
Yes. The Tacoma Art Museum is closed to the public on Mondays and during operation hours the public is present.

Can we shoot/film the Chihuly Bridge of Glass?
The City of Tacoma owns and manages the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. You will need to secure the proper permission from the City of Tacoma to include it in your project.

Can Tacoma Art Museum visitors be used in the filming/photography?
Not without the express permission of the visitor.

For additional questions, please contact: