Geometric Abstraction

March 19 –   May 27, 2002

Geometric Abstraction explored art in its simplest form by compositions that do not contain subject matter. Each piece allowed you to connect with a simpler, basic form of art based on line, shape and color. Looking to mathematics for inspiration, many of the artists in this exhibition incorporated shapes and grids into their work during a time when expressionism was the popular form of art. Abstract artists took art to its basic form using old principals, such as shape and line, to explore new ideas. Examples include Agnes Martin’s pencil grid drawing Untitled and Robert Ryman’s Yellow Drawing #5, which contains grids, shapes and color. The exhibition featured more than 30 paintings, works on paper and a sculpture from Tacoma Art Museum’s permanent collection and from the Washington Art Consortium, of which the museum is a member. Artists included: Jo Baer, Morris Graves, Spencer Moseley and Merrill Wagner to name a few.