Interior of the TAM Store featuring books and other merchandise for sale.
Interior of the TAM Store featuring books and other merchandise for sale.

TAM Store Highlight – How to Visit the Tacoma Art Museum

Color photo of the book "How to Visit an Art Museum."So, you’re coming to the museum. YES! We cannot wait to have you! If you’ve never been to a museum or, more specifically, an art museum, here are some tips and things to know before you come.

Tip #1: Read How to Visit an Art Museum by Johan Idema, before coming in. This book is a short, fun, and rewarding read, full of tips and inspiring illustrations to get the most out of your museum visit. You can find it in the museum store as well as online!

Tip #2: Wear comfy walking shoes. Museums don’t usually have go-carts to ride around in. (We do have some benches for when you really want to sit and admire the art.) But for all intents and purposes, it can be a lot of standing and walking around.

Tip #3: Remember, everyone in the galleries is here to see the same thing you are: ART! It’s exciting, relaxing, and can be quite perplexing. But there is no rush to go anywhere. There’s no time limit that you are allotted per art piece. So…. Take. Your. Time. Oooh and Ahhh. Get into the mind of the artist and have fun! Also, if you have a question, look for someone with a TAM badge and/or TAM apron. We’re here for you when you need us.

Tip #4: Come hungry! TAM Cafe is now open! From lattes to sandwiches, our cafe staff is eager to get some food in your bellies! Just remember, though: no food or open beverages are allowed in the galleries. So, sit back and relax with a light snack, lunch, or some coffee and enjoy our culinary arts.

Tip #5: Finally and most importantly, have fun! Check the museum website for up-to-date museum hours and events. We can’t wait to welcome you into the museum and see all your smiling faces.